We are expanding our business! 
We are expanding our business!
Online investment business attracts 40% more investments than the equivalent offline investment company. For these reasons our analysts proposed to introduce additional trading terminals and expand the traders staff. The expansion of the trading platform is prompted by a sharp growth of the funds being deposited by our investors since the beginning of the autumn. Our analysts explain this as a result of the higher index of business activity.
Oct-21-2013 04:59:59 AM

20K PROFIT is preparing for a large modernization 
20K PROFIT keeps running its marathon and we're 70+ days online. At the present moment we have a large loyal community that gets bigger day by day. We are proud to report that the number of our corporate clients accounts for about one third of the total number of active members in 20K PROFIT.
Just a couple of days ago the total number of our active investors has reached 25000 and keeps growing.

The main objective of the upcoming modernization of 20K PROFIT is to make the investment system more user-friendly and more productive.

Just keep watching the evolution of 20K PROFIT. Don't miss your chance to become a part of 20K PROFIT community! Join right now!
Oct-12-2013 11:46:08 PM

Instant Payment With Egopay 
Good news for the Investors who made a deposit with Egopay, from the now all withdrawal requests with Egopay will be proceed instantly, we have enable api for the Egopay. We would welcome to all our Investors who taking apart in Commission Trade.
Oct-12-2013 11:46:03 PM

Now You can withdraw the Deposit at any time!!! 
Good news for investors!!! The administration of "GoldLineFinancial" took into account Your wishes! Now in the investment package "Every Day 1.5-2.0% for 90 days." You can withdraw the full amount of the Deposit at any time, prior to the expiration of 90 days!!!
Oct-4-2013 01:11:52 PM

Over 20K of active investors awaiting fresh updates from 20K PROFIT 
20K PROFIT has a big base of loyal clients and this happy family is growing day by day. This program is online for 60+ days. We strive to become the most stable program of the recent months by keeping regular payments and by adjusting to new market conditions. As number of our customers is constantly growing, in recent future 20K PROFIT is ready to announce some new promising updates regarding new investment opportunities. Hurry up and get your $20 000!!!
Oct-4-2013 01:11:46 PM

Exnest Your Business Solutions 
The business investment company Exnest, started providing to investors online.
Investors may open accounts, and make deposits from over the world.
Sep-12-2013 01:38:12 AM

VIDEO TESTIMONIALS of our project! 
VIDEO TESTIMONIALS of our project!

Many investors of After 90 Days when consulting our company (that is easily done through live support of our website) would like to have more opportunities to communicate with other investors, with those, who have invested in that much to get the income that we are able to pay out.
We have decided to try to offer our investors this opportunity. Now the best video greetings and video testimonials sent to our address will be published on our channel: webpage. Therefore, our investors will not only be able to see each other, but also start contacting each other or using their referral link for additional earnings (if your greeting is more attractive than others, it will have more chances to be attractive to those who haven't made their choice yet).
We are offering this opportunity also for anyone wishing to leave their video replies on our official YouTube channel:
We would like to remind you that you can also find personal contacts using our representatives. Their list is published here:
Developing our website as the place for communications between our clients, the place to exchange experience of effective investing into After 90 Days, we have opened a continuous competition of video testimonials or reviews of our clients.
Send your testimonials and reviews to our email address, you can send them in any format. The best testimonials will get on our official YouTube channel:, and the description to the video will have your referral link.

The best video reviews will be processed and published on our website on this page:

Best Regards and Thank you,
Aug-24-2013 09:04:09 AM

We would like to bring the matter of safety to your attention. In the past 3 days two of our investors have contacted us requesting help in restoring their accounts. Both of our users were infected with a trojan keylogger and someone stole their passwords for all online accounts, including e-mail and ecurrencies. Only thanks to our composure, they got their Catena Finance accounts back and a potential loss was averted.

A lot of people think they are safe and that it cannot happen to them. Unfortunately, it can happen to all of us. That is the reason why we advise you to always have an antivirus program installed and to update it regularly, just as you should update your system, and, besides that, you should be very careful about what you run on your computer as well. Be careful now, rather then later, as it might be too late then.

We don't have any big news, primarily because everything is going superbly. The growth rate of our program flew over our expectations. We are working on a few new things, but I wont be releasing the details yet. Lets just say you will not be sorry to be our investors.

Thank you for your trust.
Aug-15-2013 09:56:01 AM

Following the previous newsletter many of the less experienced investors wanted us to suggest which of the 3 payment processors to use.
Since that cant be answered easily, as all of them have good sides as well as bad, we decided to write short reviews about them all.

- Perfect Money is the best one as far as user privacy goes because it does not require any sort of verification - all you need to open an account is an e-mail address. In case you want to fund your account via a wire transfer directly you will need to verify your account but Perfect Money has a long list of independent exchangers on their webpage so it is not required. Another great thing is that the id of the account you use to login and the id of account you can receive money on are different which is superb as far as security goes.
Unfortunately, Perfect Money does not accept users from USA.

- SolidTrustPay is a payment processor which is registered in Canada and it respects all financial regulations in Canadian law. Verification is basically necessary and users are not anonymous. Direct deposits and withdrawals are possible by credit cards, bank transfers, cheques, etc.
A drawback for SolidTrustPay are their pretty high fees and that their technical support can be a little slow.

- EgoPay is a system which offers direct deposits and withdraws using Payza and OKPay. They also have a list of independent exchangers over which you can fund your account using different methods. In our experience, their user support is good, but the fees are pretty high.

The choice of system to use and with which method to fund depend heavily on your location and the availability of services there so no universal solution exists. We would advise you to read about all of the systems, look at their offered exchangers and pick the one most suited to you on those grounds. When working with exchangers we recommend due diligence and using only those that are listed as supported on the webpage of the system you want to fund.

That concludes our short review/explanation, if you have any questions please do contact us.
Aug-12-2013 03:45:40 AM

We have added a few new monitors which are watching on us and reporting about everything what's going on in our business.
In general, all listed monitors are added in order to prove that our work is transparent, as well as that we are open for critics and comments from anyone interested in Catena Finance.
Jul-1-2013 04:00:22 AM

MyBestInv -Best Forex Invest Club 
Our investment platform developed, continuously improved and protected by our technical department is your reliable place where you can deposit money instantly through one of the payment processors we accept. We employ cutting edge fraud prevention features to ensure the safety of our network and employ the most experienced traders in the world to ensure that your funds are in good hands.
Jun-27-2013 07:09:16 AM

SolidTrustPay is now available on 
To attemp more custumers from over the world, we are pleased to inform that we have already added a new payment method, SolidTrustPay. Register an account with us and find out how great we are now.
Jun-27-2013 07:09:09 AM

HAInvestment with Ego Pay 
From June 3, HAInvestment accept Ego Pay.
Now you can invest to our Company with Ego Pay.
Jun-3-2013 04:50:13 AM News - Currency Exchange is available now. 
Dear investors and website visitors, as you know, LR site is closed now. In recent days, our LR payments can't be processed, they have been moved to pending status. From now on, we have added Currency Exchange function. You can exchange your LR account balance to PM, STP or EgoPay with 0% fee. At the same time, you can also exchange PM, STP and EgoPay with some fee. We have moved all LR pending withdrawals to your account balance. You can exchange it to other e-currency first, then withdraw it.
How to exchange your e-currency?
Please log in your account, and click "Currency Exchange", then exchange your LR account balance to other e-currency.
How to add your other e-currency account?
Please log in your account, and click "Edit Account", please add your other e-currency account here.

Although LR site is gone, but our site will be still working well, you can't lost any money here, please believe in us.
May-31-2013 04:10:18 AM

PM account changed to U1093218 
Due Liberty Reserve gone we change our payment processor to Perfect Money. Please make all new payments to PM USD account U1093218.
May-28-2013 10:33:54 AM

INSTANT Withdrawal Launching 
HAInvestment has been running perfectly 30days.
Ontime payment and no complaints from members
INSTANT PAYMENT for all members.

24 hour withdrawals to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money

Our current status INSTANT WITHDRAWAL

Happy Investment with us
May-2-2013 09:55:13 AM - A Brief Video Presentation on Russian Language! 
Hello, our investors!

We have a brief news for today. - A Brief Video Presentation on Russian Language!

In our site:

In YouTube:

other news:

Best Regards, - your freedom!
Apr-10-2013 09:47:17 AM

Cbank.CC and Long Video Presentation! 
Hello dear investors and promoters of!

The Cbank company is excited to inform about the release of its long video presentation:

We continue rapidly developing, our client base is getting bigger each day and our promoters work hard to make the company even more popular.
In order to introduce our services, explain how investing with Cbank works and what its investment offer is, we created a video presentation in which you will find answers to all the questions you may have about

This video will also help our promoters refer more people to the company and get more referral commissions, so if you want to make some money in such a way,
feel free to use it as a promo material. Continuous development, provision of quality support service and stable payouts are our top priorities and we do everything possible to become the number one investment company online.
We have been providing investment services for almost 300 days now and are not going to stop!

Join us and welcome to the world of financial freedom with Cbank!

More news:

Best Regards, - your freedom!
Apr-5-2013 08:58:46 AM

273 days online - Cbank.CC 
Hello dear investors of!
The team at is happy to report that the company has been successfully operating for 273 days. Over this period of time we have achieved unbelievable results by working hard and keeping improving the project. Over the time of the program’s operation the 90-days plan has completed 3 rounds and the 60-days plan has operated 4 rounds already. is now one of the most popular programs online and is in the TOP-5 of the most reliable monitoring websites’ charts. Some of them have placed on the first position in their charts expressing admittance of our reliability and professionalism in such a way: – 1-st position;
HotHyips - top 1-st position in the Premium list;
GoldPoll – in TOP-10;
HyipExplorer – 2-nd best position;
HyipBanker – 1-st position;
MaxHyip – 5-th best position;
Hyips-analysis – in TOP-10;
Sqmonitor – 3-rd best position;
PopularHyip – in TOP-5;
Invest-tracing – in TOP-5.

We have achieved these incredible results thanks to your support and faith in us. We really appreciate that, and want to express our gratitude to you. While investing in you may be sure that your money is safe and your profit is stable. Have a great day and let all your investments be successful!

More news:

Best Regards, - your freedom!
Mar-25-2013 05:55:56 AM

Automatic withdrawals on 
After few days of testing
software we can now process
payments in automatic mode.
We are glad to announce that
your withdrawal requests are
going to be processed instantly.
Mar-18-2013 11:19:10 AM

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