More Facilities for International Investor 
CashInvestFX has added multiple language support in our website to facilitate foreign language, so that people can enjoy portal into their local language system.
Aug-10-2015 02:43:04 PM

GREAT NEWS: Added New Processor PAYPAL 
CashInvestFX has added world famous payment processor into our system. Feel free to invest money by this world known payment processor.
Aug-5-2015 04:51:15 AM

Dear Clients!
Our business is expanding with each passing day more and more so some customers whose native language is not English sometimes experience inconvenience during communication with our support service.
In the nearest future we will make available our online support on other languages.
Meanwhile, in case if you are not comfortable to communicate in English, we recommend you to contact our representatives from around the world who could help you to learn more about our company and could advise you to choose investment plan that is right for you.
We would like also to remind you that if you are still thinking about the beginning of cooperation with AMEREX Trade Limited you can visit the section ‘Get Started ‘to learn about your first steps in our cooperation.
Jul-10-2015 03:47:13 PM

100 DAYS ONLINE with AMEREX Trade Limited 
Dear Clients!
Our online investment service passed 100 days and we have some announcements for today.
Firstly, we are grateful to our 8,200 clients for your contribution in improving our business and especially our trading activity and in increasing trade volumes that we manage. Our clients have already invested more than $34 million US dollars and withdrew nearly $16,6 million US dollars.
Secondly, we set up call center nearly three weeks ago. You can get any voice assistance on working hours via +442035197358. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issue or any idea about our business.
Thirdly, you already might notice that in last few days we started our representative system. So if you are interested in partnership with ambitious and steadily growing international company, we can give you that opportunity! Learn more about responsibilities and how to become a representative on our site!
And fourthly, we are preparing for our further international expansion so please stay tuned to our news in July.
We hope that you enjoy with our services and thank you for choosing to stay with us!
Jun-25-2015 12:35:46 PM Grand Launch! 
With great honor and respect, today on the 1/6/15 we are pleased to announce the anticipated launch of worldwide accessible  Carbon7 digital funds platform.
Please feel free to explore our site, read about our history and the lucrative plans we have to offer, we hope you'd find our unique carbon theme to your liking.
We are here to make a change for the better, as we wish you will achieve financial success together with us, and find our services to your full satisfaction.
Jun-24-2015 12:26:52 PM

Our first significant achievements 
Dear investors!
With pride to inform you that exactly 70 days today from that moment when our program came with the investment offers in the Internet! During this time there have been a set of events in program's life. We have installed an excellent design for our site, developed and strengthened relationship with our clients. We were able to earn the trust a great number of investors in this hard time. And the number of investors who trust us, grows day by day! It means that the program continues to develop fruitful and go forward. Taking an opportunity, we want to pay also attention of our investors to that fact that from now on you can use additional services which were created for improvement of interaction between BITC Trade limited and each interested client. You can make a call to number specified on the BITC Trade limited site and clarify any question interesting you concerning activity of BITC Trade limited. The working hours operators are from 9.00 am to 17.00 pm BST.
Besides, there is an opportunity to ask any questions concerning activity of BITC Trade limited in Live chat. The working hours operators are from 8.00 am to 01.00 am BST.
In both services support is available in English and Russian languages . As you can see, we do everything for development and improvement of work of BITC Trade limited, for the purpose of achievement of the greatest efficiency of the work and receiving the maximum profit by each our investor.
Also we pay your attention to a release of new video about the program soon. It will be interesting! Watch for our announcements in a next news!
Jun-16-2015 06:15:42 AM

80 DAYS ONLINE with AMEREX Trade Limited 
Today is 80th day of our online investment service. More than $4,462 million have been invested with us and $2,080 million were paid out to nearly 4 thousands our clients who trust their funds to us so far. We are grateful you for such trust because it gives us opportunities to reach new highs in results of our trading activity.
For past few weeks we have launched online support. It is still working not at full capacity because there is much volume of issues which our staff needs to cope with but we are working on improvements in order to offer the best service
We are also very glad to tell to you that from today one more our branch has been set up - in Hong Kong. You can find its address on the support page.
We hope that you enjoy with our services.
Jun-8-2015 04:13:18 AM

120 Profit Forum is Live Now!Join Forum and Get a Prize! 
Dear members,

It is glad to announce that 120 Profit Ltd forum is open to public today! Forum is built up to serve our members as a platform for communication and a new support channel.

How to use the forum?
1. Every new member join in our forum and make a post will be rewarded $0.1 in 120 Profit balance.
2. You can login in our forum directly with your social account: facebook,Google,VK,, Linked In etc.
3. You will be rewarded $0.1 for every payment proof post in "Payment Proof Board".
4. You can post your status, thoughts, help need, in our "General Discussion Board".
5. You are welcome to use your local languages forum to discuss in "Non English Board".
6. We will launch many contests and a lot of prizes will be released in our forum.

Now come on guys! Don't be shy! Join us and start our party in forum!

Best regards,
120 Profit Team
Jun-8-2015 04:13:15 AM

Poker Automatics - 4 YEARS ONLINE! 
29.04.2011 - 29.04.2015
Congratulations to all of our clients!

Just for you, we have invented a system that has being working flawlessly for 4 years!
4 years in a row it has being bringing YOU daily PASSIVE income!
4 years in a row it has being changing the rules of the game in your favor!
The system with which YOU make a profit without being at a gambling table!
24 hours a day 7 days a week!
Poker Automatics. No skills! No risk!
Jun-5-2015 04:29:03 AM

30 days online 
30 days online and we continue to make progress. Thanks to all of our investors. We will continue to work harder to make growing your money everyday and to make a difference in the Hyip world.
Jun-2-2015 10:47:46 AM

120 Profit Ltd May Trading Report and Presentative Recruitment 
Dear members,

Since 120 Profit Ltd decided to explore our business online, It has been for 121 days now. For all the 121 days, we are trying to fit and follow the online operation mode,while seldomly communicate with our members about our trading progress. 120 Profit Ltd will release two reports every month from now on. Pls kindly note that as the forex market change constantly, there will not be a specified releasing day.
As the Greece debit crisis and strong US finacial data support, we sold EURUSD at 1.1428 on May 14th and took profit at 1.1932 on May 25th. During this trade, Company got more than $120,000 pure profit. To follow the tide of the current global finacial situatin is the sucess key point of this trading.

To serve the local members better and expand our business, Company decides to recruit the presentatives of 120 Profit Ltd.

What is the advantae of Presentative ?
1. 10% ref commission for every deposit
2. Special bonuses for excellent work.
3. Your referral link will be post in our site to help you get additional referrals

What is the reponsiblity of Presentative?
1.Attract new clients in your own country
2. To Consult clients about 120 Profit Ltd

To apply for the presentative, it requires at least $20 deposit. And kindly send us an email with your username, full name, facebook link, Messeger ID and telephone to We are looking forward your join in our presentative project. See more details about Presentative here: a=cust&page=representatives

Best regards,

120 Profit Ltd
May-27-2015 11:54:44 PM

120 Profit Ltd successfully online 111 days! 
Dear members,

It is glad to annouce that 120 Profit Ltd has completed company registeration in UK and come with a new design. So far, we have been sucessful online for 111 days, have thousands of satisfied customers.

For the past months, we have make bitcoin deposit automatically and withdraw instantly. It is a great news for Bitcoin users.Besides, live chat is added to give our instant support.

If you have not make an invesment, you may have a try our investment plan:
Daily Plan: 2.00% daily For 90 Working Days;2.50% daily For 90 Working Days;3% daily For 90 Working Days. Principle will return after plan maturity.
After plan: 2000% after 90 days;1200% after 45 days;500% after 30 days.

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
120 Profit Ltd
May-21-2015 04:00:42 AM

Plans changed 
Under the request of our investors our plans are changed from weekly to daily. Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us.
May-16-2015 09:37:11 AM

One week online 
One week online and the team grows up from day to day to become stronger and make people happy. Thank you to our investors and welcome to the new ones.

We know it well that none of us acting alone can achieve success. NM.
May-10-2015 11:06:06 AM

5th CreatInv Newsletter: New forex statement is available! 
Do you remember our video presentation?
It has become very popular video on YouTube and it has 40k views. We are very pleased to note this fact. I am really happy!

The second, new weekly forex statement is available on our website and facebook:
Last week was very profitable for CreatInv clients and we should say thanks to traders team.

Make sure to visit and like our official Facebook page at
All official newsletters sent from CreatInv LTD will be posted in the wall of our Facebook page and your user area. If you receive a newsletter appearing from us, and if you do not find it in the Facebook page/User account, you can confirm that it is not sent by us, and is a spoof.
This is the most efficient and fastest way to read the latest news and updates.

I request every CreatInv user to vote for us after you receive your payments, and also post your payment proofs at forums.
Your support is an important part for the rising of CreatInv. So please vote for us, after you get paid, and attract your friends to be a part of CreatInv LTD.

That`s all news for today, dear CreatInv members. Thanks for doing business with us.
Best regards and happy investing,
Martin Trey
CreatInv LTD
Apr-11-2015 05:06:54 AM

4th CreatInv Newsletter: Payza accepted! 
The second, I am ready to tell you the most important news for today!

With the rapid growth of CreatInv LTD, and our ever increasing popularity in this industry, we thought about offering you an additional choice of payment processor to invest with us. With much pleasure, we are happy to announce that, from today onwards, we will be accepting Payza as a investment/withdrawal option. Payza officials have successfully verified our account, and have given us the opportunity to use their services for our business. Please visit to take a look at their website, and open an account there, if you wish to do so. If you want to make deposit from Payza - do not forget to edit your account adding Payza details yourself!

Join us on Facebook and Twitter:

That is all for today! We wish you a pleasant stay with us.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
Sincerely yours, Martin Trey
CreatInv LTD CEO
Apr-7-2015 09:16:46 AM

COMEX Brokerage - 4 Months Online 
Dear Clients!
COMEX Brokerage Limited is one of the most stable companies in the global investment market.
During four months of our business we fully integrated the system of automatically delivery of investment funds of our clients in our business processes and significantly increase our market presence.
We do our best to ensure that our clients could get the most professional financial services.
We have further plans to increase our presence on our main activity markets and investment services market.
Thank you for choosing COMEX Brokerage Limited as your Premier Brokerage Firm!
Apr-7-2015 09:16:43 AM

3rd CreatInv Newsletter: Forex Statements and phone support! 
Some days ago we added phone support.
Any member who needs personal assistance is able to call us 24 hours a day: +442081232773.
We are working on Live Chat Support on our website, it will be available in the nearest future!

We understand that many of you are new to online investment market, and as a result, are unaware of how to participate in the investment opportunity provided by us and where we invest your funds. Therefore, our trading and marketing team has decided to put up a weekly forex statement on our website:

This page will provide you with a detailed information on how we make money for CreatInv LTD investors. Our traders' team has done their very best job, and we hope it will help you clear your doubts regarding our trading on the forex/stock markets. We'll add new statement every week from now!
Do not forget to vote for us on the monitors where we have been listed at, and post your payment proofs in the various reputed forums and social network, so as to help us attain even greater heights. Remember, when we reach greater heights, it is you who are actually having the benefit to make more and more profits from your investments.

We wish you a prosperous money making stay with us.

Happy Investing!
Martin Trey
CreatInv LTD CEO
Apr-2-2015 08:09:10 AM

1st Newsletter from CreatInv LTD: 100 days online! 
So, let me tell you about improvements on website.
Today, we launch our video presentation:
The second, we have been receiving a lot of member requests about '10000% after 50 days' package. So, hurry up to join it! This investment package is available now. The minimum deposit is $100.
We have a custom marketing strategy and a global thinking that differs from the rest of the programs. That is why CreatInv LTD will be one of the best high yield investment program available on the market very soon. Stay with us and let us prove it!

Let's grow together with us! Thank you for supporting CreatInv.
Join us on Facebook and Twitter:

Martin Trey
CEO of
Mar-18-2015 02:45:41 AM

How to understand the cash flow of 120 Profit Ltd! 
Dear Investors,

120 Profit Ltd has developped rapidly during the past month.Now we are one of most search site in and

Fast develpopment give us more capital power also co-exist the risk. To control capital flowing is the sucess key of a company. Now the risk management system of 120 Profit Ltd has been set up, and is real time displaying in the home page for our investors.

Here we would like to explain how to understand our system:
Total Deposit: The total deposit from our investors
Total Paid: The total withdraw of system
Total Captial: Basically it means cash reserve of our system. Total capial=Total deposit+Forex trading profit-Total withdraw.

In addition you can see the real time last 5 deposit, 5 withdrawal, top 5 investors at the bottom of our home page.
120 Profit is bulit in a transparent and win-win mode.Thanks again for our investor! If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to connect.

120 Profit Team
Mar-9-2015 09:48:59 AM

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