Earn2You reached 180 days of successful work online. 
Our program has reached 160 days of successful work online.
In our program five thousand active investors who trusted us for more than two millions of dollars.
Egopay not work now,please all egopay invester please wait new message.
Feb-16-2015 11:00:29 PM

ACN Futures - 100 DAYS ONLINE 
We are glad to report you that our online investment service is working 100 days in a row. During this period we have been achieved noticeable results. More than 11500 clients trust us their funds and invested more than $10,250,000.00 and withdrew nearly $9,216,000.00 at the moment. We know that this is just the beginning of our activity on investment market because we have ambitious and long-term plans on future and options trading market as well as on investment services market.
In the nearest future we plan to set up live support in order to solve emerging issues of our clients much more faster and scrupulous.

We always try to improve our service to be better.

Thank you for choosing us as your financial partner.
Feb-13-2015 02:15:54 AM

We are happy to say that we successfully passed 100 days mark. First of all its became possible because of your amazing support of CryptoStrategy Limited. During this time we paid thousands of dollars to our customers and we are sure that there are many other remarkable dates will come in future.

As many of you may noticed last few weeks we were making tests of instant payments. Now we are convinced that everything is safe, so its official, from now there is no need wait for your withdrawal, money will be send INSTANTLY.

We are looking for representatives all over the world, if you want to become a part of our company please contact our support team for details. Our representatives earn massive referral commissions total 19% and there are many other profitable bonuses that will impress you. Become a part of something BIG with CryptoStrategy Limited.
Jan-29-2015 09:45:05 AM

Poker Automatics Full Statistics. 
Poker Automatics Full Statistics.

We have published Poker Automatics Full Statistics.
You can find it on Main page and special Statistics page.

There are several Sections:
Financial results 2011-2014
TOP-10 Investors
TOP-10 Affiliates
Own and Investment capital
Poker Automatics Full Statistics
Jan-23-2015 08:37:13 AM

Advantages of UMO1 Investment Program:
Earn up to 3.50% daily for 78 working days
Minimum spend amount is $10 & there is No maximum.
Profits will be send to your account every Business (Mon-Fri) Day.
Up to 19% affiliate earning guaranteed profit for regional representatives
You can withdraw your earnings at any time.
You may make an additional deposit as many times as you like.
The principal will be returned to your account balance at the end of the investment period.
Compounding is not available.
We provide high bank - level data security for financial safety.
Affiliate Program - 6% from every 1st level, 3% from every 2nd level and 1% from every 3rd level deposit, made using the payment system
You can additionally receive a steady and stable income with UMO1 Automatics referral program.
Dec-2-2014 02:53:35 AM

New payment systems in Poker Automatics. 
NixMoney, OKPAY, Yandex.Money payment systems were added for deposits and withdrawals.
Also we accept bank transfers in RUR with 0% commission.
Nov-24-2014 01:12:21 AM

Today we just want to let you know the latest news of our investment company. The number of investors in EASTOIL LTD is more than 23 thousand at the moment, after two months since start of project. The credibility of the project is constantly growing and also constantly growing number of people willing to invest and earn with so reliable company like ours. Certainly, today we offer the best earning conditions from the most reliable and stable investment companies in the market of commodities. You can become our investor at any time when you'll be ready. Complete the short registration process and select the appropriate investment plan for you. That's all you need. Stable income and guaranteed payments will be provided by our market experts and traders. Be absolutely sure that your money is fully intact, and all your invested funds are involved in business activity.
The large number of people is followed the development of our project and did not dare to make a deposit before, waiting for the end of at least one full cycle of payments. We have received many requests to announce such fact and keep them up to date. So, last week the first cycle of 55-day investment period – WTI Oil plan – was fully completed. We thank all our investors and representatives and look forward to further fruitful cooperation.
Nov-17-2014 08:09:46 AM

Cloud Mining Service 
E-currency Exchange

The essence of e-currency exchange is the rapid transfer of customer-specific electronic money by using websites - online exchangers. Foreign Exchange Transactions bring us high income from each transaction, we will charge a fee, the amount of which is set by us.

Markets & Trading

Crypto currencies are highly speculative instrument. This is caused by high volatility of the exchange rate crypto currencies on virtual exchanges. Fluctuations in exchange crypto currencies against other currencies may reach 10% or even 30% or more in one day.
Nov-17-2014 06:51:10 AM

Disable instant payout! 
To keep fund safe,we need to disable instant payout.But we ensure that we will process payment in 1-3 hours,max 12 hours.And we will enable instant payment 6-12 hours in a day.
Nov-12-2014 10:41:37 AM

A complete version of Poker Automatics website is available in German. 
Full translation is finished.
All website pages are translated to German including all FAQ sections and Personal account menu.
Nov-11-2014 06:22:11 AM

StrongBank 3 First Weeks Online - Fantastic Growth! 
Dear members,

StrongBank has been online for over 3 weeks now and I am extremely excited to tell you that it achieved huge success in this time. Thousands of investors are very satisfied with our service and promoting StrongBank very hard everywhere, inviting all their friends to participate in the project. Many of them deposited into the VIP plan which is the most profitable plan and I am getting so many compliments everyday, which is totally incredible! I want to thank everyone for the great support and want to assure you, that StrongBank will become the best investment site of all times. Growth rate is really fantastic, and there are many new registrations everyday. I see a very bright future for StrongBank, its potential is huge and it's getting stronger and stronger from day to day. Cheers!

Best Regards,
Chris Miller
StrongBank Administrator
Nov-5-2014 07:14:59 AM

Currently we have some great news for you! More than 17,000 people from all over the world have already chosen us for investments of their funds. Today we can confidently say that EASTOIL LTD project is the most popular among similar high returns programs. Fantastic growth of turnover of profits and growth of number of our investors became possible due to favorable investment conditions, which we offer. We hope that the increasing the number of investors will not stop in the future. The total deposit in our project is over $90 millions at the moment, and we are confident that this amount will continue to grow! We are thankful to all of our existing investors and, of course, we welcome new members to our profitable project –

EASTOIL LTD project relies on development around the globe. We are constantly looking for new business partners and company's agent from the entire world. With our attractive proposal, now we have more than 90 official representatives from over 25 countries! If you also want to become part of our business team and represent interests of EASTOIL LTD investment project in your region all you need just to send us such a request using email address of the Department of Regional Development – Provide us the following information about yourself: your full name, username in our project, your contact phone number and region of residence of course. We don't have any specific requirement for our regional representatives! The main thing that you need to have a desire to grow in parallel with the company, to help beginning investors and to earn extra money for this! The affiliate program pays guaranteed 12% on all first tier deposits of your direct referral. You will also receive rewards for referrals deposits of the second and third levels.

Besides the development of a network of regional representatives, we also care about our loyal investors and all of registered members of project. We want that work with our website was as easy as possible. So many investors wrote us and sent us requests to add a certain language versions of our website. We will certainly plan to do so in the near future! Our technicians are already doing the translation of text content and functionality of the and we'll add a few additional languages. Within the next month the site will be represented on the Indonesian and Russian! If you still have any suggestions, please contact our customer support via email, through feedback form or live chat.

We believe that communication with clients is the basis confidence and business success. Especially when such business involves investment activities and trust management. Development of communication channels between the company and its investors means the more sustainability and security cooperation. You already know that you can get any help when you contact our specialists at any moment. Online live chat and multi-line phone are available to you in business hours. Moreover, you can contact us by email or use the feedback form in “Support” section. But we also are active users of social networks. For example, our Facebook page has nearly 32,000 subscribers. We regularly post current news there and actively communicate with project's members. We also have a Twitter account and more than 5000 people become our followers in the last few months. Please subscribe to our social network accounts and receive all the latest news of the project. This will allow you to be closer to EASTOIL LTD and to become a part of it.

We try to facilitate the process of investment and profit. Top electronic payment systems such as PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer and Bitcoin are at your service. Using any of these processors means fast and automatic transfer of money from your account to our payment account and vice versa. Usually all transactions are instant, it allows you to easily control the movement of your funds. However, not all of our investors are active users of these payment processors. There are several reasons for this. One of them is the geographical restriction of the activity. For example, residents of the United States and some Islamic countries do not have the possibility of using PerfectMoney and EgoPay. Our clients are asked to tell about alternative remittance system. Today we want to tell you how to make a deposit using your credit card VISA or MasterCard.
Primarily you need to register an account in payment aggregator After that, log into your account there and go to “Add” section. There define the amount you want to add to your Payeer balance and choose payment method. Select “Credit Cards” bookmark and “International VISA/MC/Maestro” there. Please note that Payeer accepts the Visa and MasterCards from all countries with commission 7% + $0.15.
For the security and fraud prevention reasons, right after the payment completion (in case if you deposit with this card for the first time), Payeer will require to upload the copies of your documents, using the special form on website (one clear photo – your passport/ID and your credit/debit card, holding it in your hand).
If you refuse to pass your personal verification, after the card payment, your funds will be returned back to your card's bank automatically, with 5% fee subtracted from the previously charged amount on your card, the return may take up to 30 calendar days.
Press the “Confirm” button and on the next page enter your card details to complete the payment.
Now your Payeer account has the funds to make a deposit. For this, you need to log in to your account, go to the Deposit page and follow the next instructions:
1. Select Investment Plan: BRENT OIL for daily accruals or WTI OIL for disposable income accrual at the end of investments.
2. Set compounding up to 100%, if required.
3. Enter the amount of your deposit.
4. Select “Deposit from Payeer” and click “Spend” button.
5. On the next page, check the correctness of the information and click “Process” to make a deposit. After that you will be moved to “Invoice” page of
6. Select “Payeer” and log to your account of processor where finish your payment.
That’s all, your deposit is already done.

Follow us for updates about our latest news.
Nov-5-2014 07:14:39 AM

Dear promoters and investors!
Today we begin the competition in our program.
Any promoter and the investor can participate in this, are excluded only monitors and our official promoters , they cannot participate in this contest.
Conditions of competition are very simple, who attracted the most investment of the referrals to our program.
We are giving away 5 gifts.
First place will receive a bonus of 8% of attracted investing,
Second place will receive a bonus of 6% of attracted investing,
Third place will receive a bonus of 4% of attracted investing,
Fourth place will receive a bonus of 2% of attracted investing.
Fifth place will receive a bonus of $ 30.
The competition starts with the publication of this news.
Results will be announced on 9 November.
Dear promoters and investors, we give you 7 days that would show how you can increase your income.
Good luck to all!

Best Regards,
Lars Riley
Grand Agro Finance - Earn with us
Nov-3-2014 04:52:10 AM

GFO Trading Ltd. First Month Online 
Dear Clients!
First of all we want to inform you that our online investment service has been working one month already. At the moment 1903 investors from all over the world chose us as their financial partner. They have invested $262,043.89 and withdrew $173,255.43 already and this is not the final figures.
We are moving on to become one of the best on the market.
During this time, we fully integrated the system of automatically delivery of investment funds of our clients in our business processes and significantly increase our market presence.
We have further plans to increase our presence in the global futures and options market and investment services market.
In the nearest future we are about to launch online chat to react on all issues that our clients have.
We wish you a happy weekend and thank you for choosing us as your financial partner!
Richard Wilson
CEO of GFO Trading Limited
Oct-24-2014 04:44:20 AM

A month has passed after the launch of our investment program. We have already achieved incredible success. More than 9,000 people have chosen our company to invest money, and the total investment has exceeded $40 million. Therefore, EASTOIL LTD has gained the trust of investors. We are confident that this is only the beginning of our extended and profitable cooperation. Our investment offer is available to anyone, regardless the country of residence and religion. We remind you that investing with EASTOIL LTD is beneficial and completely safe. To start cooperation simply open an account and create a deposit!
To get the information about our company and our unique investment proposal you can contact one of more than 40 regional representatives from a dozen countries. We will not stop searching representatives. If you wish to represent our interests in your region, please contact us by an email Let us know your personal information and means of communication (telephone, email). Please, do not forget to include your country in the region and supported languages.
We are confident that only together we can build a strong and reliable system of agents around the world! This will make our company even more popular, as more and more people learn about it. Thus, due to the turnover of investors we can offer even more profitable conditions.
Communication with customers is very important for us. We need to know about all your problems to solve them quickly. To get even closer to our customers, we have organized an additional phone support, where you can call to obtain all the necessary information. Our new phone number: +441628876416. It will be available in business time from 9 AM to 6 PM (GMT + 01:00).
To consult our support manager, you may also use our online chat for clients. Our specialists are always ready to answer all your questions. Chat is available on the company`s official website in business time.
We do our best to make all investment projects not just profitable, but also as informative as possible. Here you will get a detailed answer to any question.
Oct-21-2014 06:51:07 AM

New Payment Options at BondDot.Investments 
We have added several new payment options, including: PayPal, SolidTrustPay, LiqPay! Bank Wire transfers coming soon!
Oct-13-2014 06:53:14 AM

Poker Automatics news 
A complete version of Poker Automatics website is available in Indonesian.
Full translation is finished.
All website pages are translated to Indonesian including all FAQ sections and Personal account menu.
Oct-9-2014 09:22:08 AM

SHOOTING STAR brings 3500% + 20% instant bonus 
As investment climate gets better day after day, NIIIL economic performance tends towards a new record. Corporate profitability has increased significantly. In this regard our financial council decided to enhance dividends rate for all our investors and partners.

From now on ALPHA plan's weekly interest rate is 250% and OMEGA plan's daily interest rate is 15%. Moreover, NIIIL introduces a new super profitable plan SHOOTING STAR with a profitability up to 3999%. You can see detailed interest rate in the user account menu at the "Make deposit" page.

That's not all the news, though. NIIIL gives additional +20% deposit bonus to the first 400 investors who will make deposit for ALPHA or SHOOTING STAR plan and +4% deposit bonus for choosing OMEGA plan. Do not miss your chance. This offer expires on October, 6.

See offer description HERE:
Oct-6-2014 10:19:51 AM

Fantabulous things are happening on SBI Ltd 
Greetings to Everyone!!!

Everything looks great and wonderful for Safe Bet Income Ltd. We are proud to inform all of you that we are steadily moving to the top of the investment industry chart and as we approach our 19th day online we have just surpassed the 1000th member mark.

We could not be happier to write you this newsletter today. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so you can see with your own eyes our development in our progress page -

Our marketing team has been working on registering at new monitors and news feeds and we are glad to share that SafeBetIncome Ltd is now listed as PAYING in over 45 monitors. Various online investment experts as well as newbies across the globe are having positive member experiences with SafeBetIncome Ltd so far, they simply can’t be wrong with SBI Ltd.

In addition to this, we are very excited to announce that we now have a video presentation available for all of our investors to watch and check out. It is available for viewing in the homepage. Uplines and marketers can readily use this video to market our company to their leads. Here is the video link should you like to embed it on your blogs and websites:

Let us all be glad and jubilant to roll off our tongue that SBI Ltd is really FANTABULOUS (etymology: fantastic and fabulous). Everything has been done for you to enjoy the best and flawless experience with us. Once again, many thanks for your support and cooperation!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

May you all have an exceptionally nice week ahead.

Best regards,

Charles Cuyler
SBI Ltd Management
Aug-18-2014 04:55:52 AM

EU5 8% Affiliate Commission 
Today, We are proud to announce that is not only the first United Kingdom legal registered investment entity that provides its services online, but also it is the number one online investment company of the world that allows worldwide people with any amount of principal to join and take financial decision. One of our strongest advantages over competitors is that we guarantee your investment from all sides and absolutely there is no risk. offers three-level affiliate program. The three-level system of affiliate commission is a system, according to which the client is paid a commission for the referrals attracted by his sub-partners. Level 1 includes the commission paid for the clients, who are directly in the referral list. Levels 2 and 3 include the commission paid for the clients, who are in the sub-referrals affiliate groups.

For example, you attracted a client, who later has also become a referrer. This client will be considered as the client of the 1st level, and the clients he attracted will be considered as the clients of the 2nd level. The three-level system of affiliate commission has pay 5% for first level referrals, 2% for second level and 1% for third level and it is available for all clients, and allows them to create their own affiliate network.

It is not necessary to have an investment in order to participate in our Affiliate Program. Any additional investment made by your affiliate will generate further commissions credited to your account balance instantly, with no complexities or delays. Also you can log into your account at any time to check how much commission you have earned.

You can promote EU5 by placing our banners or text ads on your website, blog or you can simply put the affiliate link in message, forum signatures, emails or promoting to your friends, family members or co-workers. If the right visitor clicks on the banner or text ad and open a new account and subsequently makes an investment, you will be eligible for the commission.
Aug-14-2014 10:15:23 AM

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