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Safe Assets
Our Spend: $50.00
Payout Ratio: 114%
Support E-MailSupport FormSSL ProtectedDDsS Protected
PayingMin Spend: $50
Max Spend: No Limit
Referral: 3% - 1%
Withdrawal: Instant
Votes 7.5 of 10 (41 votes)
0.24% daily 30 days
0.27% daily 90 days
0.3% daily 90 days

High Risk
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Last Payment: May 29th, 2024 (18 days ago)
Added: Dec 29th, 2022
Monitored: 535 days
SafeAssets is a cryptocurrency investment company that contributes to the adoption and management of Decentralized Finance. Our mission is to make crypto investments accessible to everyone. Whether you are a rookie investor, crypto enthusiast, or an experienced investor looking to be part of a financial revolution — we’ve got you covered
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Our HYIP Monitor have Premium (the Best HYIPs), Normal and Trial HYIP Listings. Premium HYIPs are more trusted and stable investing programs. Normal programs promise to be stable and paying long time already. Trial sites are under test. If you fill yourself lucky and see that program is new and looks like good one you can try to invest in Trial Section's programs.
Web3 Profit Limited
Our Spend: $20.00
Payout Ratio: 129%
Support E-MailSSL ProtectedDDsS Protected
PayingMin Spend: $10
Max Spend: $95,000
Referral: 1-15%
Withdrawal: Manual
Votes 10.0 of 10 (23 votes)
101-135% in 1 day
105-500% in 5 days
111-1050% in 10 days

High Risk
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Last Payment: Jun 6th, 2024 (10 days ago)
Added: Jan 19th, 2024
Monitored: 149 days
Web3 cryptos are a new wave of cryptocurrencies that focus on making the decentralized vision of Web3 a reality. They combine blockchain technology with smart contracts to give people control over their data and make transactions without relying on third parties.
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Our Spend: $30.00
Payout Ratio: 134%
Support E-MailSSL ProtectedDDsS Protected
PayingMin Spend: $30
Max Spend: $1,000,000
Referral: 5%-1%
Withdrawal: Instant
Votes 8.3 of 10 (26 votes)
0.6% daily 225 bizdays
1.2% daily 125 bizdays
2% daily 85 bizdays
3% daily 65 bizdays

High Risk
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Last Payment: Nov 17th, 2023 (212 days ago)
Added: Jan 9th, 2023
Monitored: 524 days
Planetary Asset Ltd is a globally active crypto investment platform. You can manage funds and get profit from this company easily. With the best AI technology and online trading experience, you can have the maximum profit from the Planetary Asset platform. Our new platform and global investment programs will enable greater investor insight. With this investors can make better and more strong decisions. In addition, Planetary Asset Limited increases its confidence in investing in the crypto asset class. Planetary Asset Limited serves qualitative and quantitative investment programs to investors. From blockchain investments to crypto trading processes, the team is always ready to do business. The team is able to implement a variety of in-depth crypto asset trading. Investors will get maximum assistance for research, investment, and regulatory purposes among others. Planetary Asset Limited is established for trusted crypto investment and trading experience. The company differentiates itself by adopting a deep, high-quality, knowledge-based approach. The main objective is to provide the best returns and support investors with confidence. Also focuses on financial aspects and technical fundamentals of crypto and digital assets.
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Our Spend: $50.00
Payout Ratio: 83%
Support E-MailSSL ProtectedDDsS Protected
PayingMin Spend: $50
Max Spend: $100,000
Referral: 3% - 1%
Withdrawal: Instant
Votes 0.0 of 10 (0 votes)
105% in 10 days
0.6% daily 15 business days + deposit
1% - 4.5% - 5% daily 40 business days

High Risk
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Last Payment: Yesterday
Added: Dec 7th, 2023
Monitored: 192 days
NEW BOND LTD has thrived for a decade, specializing in the dynamic realms of cryptocurrency and forex trading. Pioneering innovation, we've navigated market trends, ensuring robust returns for our clients. With a steadfast commitment to security and compliance, our seasoned experts leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize trading strategies. Over the years, we've forged a reputation for transparency, reliability, and customer-centric services. Our success is a testament to our adaptability and strategic foresight. As we continue to evolve, NEW BOND LTD remains at the forefront, offering unparalleled financial solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of crypto and forex markets.
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Our Spend: $60.00
Payout Ratio: 76%
Support E-MailSSL ProtectedDDsS Protected
PayingMin Spend: $50
Max Spend: $5,000,000
Referral: 5% - 3% - 1%
Withdrawal: Instant
Votes 0.0 of 10 (0 votes)
2.1-3.5% daily 20-55 bizdays
650-20000% in 35-500 days

High Risk
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Last Payment: Jun 11th, 2024 (5 days ago)
Added: Feb 21st, 2024
Monitored: 116 days
Bemarg's revolutionary crypto arbitrage software stands as a beacon of innovation in the digital asset realm. Powered by cutting-edge algorithms and advanced machine learning, this genius software meticulously scans multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in real-time, identifying price differentials and arbitrage opportunities with lightning speed and precision. Seamlessly executing trades across platforms, it capitalizes on even the slightest market inefficiencies, generating consistent profits for Bemarg and its users.
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Crypto Monetize
Our Spend: $50.00
Payout Ratio: 90%
Support E-MailSSL ProtectedDDsS Protected
PayingMin Spend: $10
Max Spend: $100,000
Referral: 1-6%
Withdrawal: Manual
Votes 0.0 of 10 (0 votes)
4% weekly 70 weeks

Very High Risk
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Last Payment: Jun 7th, 2024 (9 days ago)
Added: Aug 2nd, 2022
Monitored: 684 days
Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts. Crypto Monetize Limited is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term.
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Our Spend: $20.00
Payout Ratio: 0%
Support E-MailSSL ProtectedDDsS Protected
WaitingMin Spend: $20
Max Spend: $5000
Referral: 10% - 5% - 2%
Withdrawal: Manual
Votes 0.0 of 10 (0 votes)
8% daily 20 days
6% daily 30 days
5% daily 40 days
4% daily 50 days

High Risk
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Last Payment: No payment yet
Added: Jun 1st, 2024
Monitored: 15 days
Unlock the full potential of your finances with Celerrio, where every step of your journey is met with tailored solutions designed to maximize your returns and accelerate your growth.
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Today, we have launched a new investment plan to enrich our products. We will provide a shorter deposit plan. Please check our new investment plan:
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We aim to establish long -term and safe investment projects. If our investors have doubts, please don't forget to get in touch with our live support and greetings!
Oct-25-2023 02:30:25 PM

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Dear customers,
We are happy to tell you about new opportunities that provides our company.

Now you can withdraw your profits instantly on existing deposits using https://epaycore.com/. And also make a new deposit using Epaycore.com and withdraw from epaycore.com your profits to your Bank card.

To withdraw with Epaycore.com you have to give your Epaycore.com account details on Edit Profile page and choose method Epaycore.

Customer support,
Feb-20-2023 12:36:05 PM

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The mutually beneficial partnership starts from a direct appreciation of your partner's work in the first place. Integraplatform.com we've developed a unique affiliate program that can bring stable, long-term income to everyone, from exacting marketing professional to a simple user who strives to spread the word about his decisiveness. By sharing an idea of Integraplatform's opportunities with your friends and colleagues, offering them the trusted way to safely grow their capital, you can start building your team right now and receive commissions from all the network.
This New Era of online earnings brought us tremendous opportunities to live our life free and become truly independent.
The highest quality service and constant innovation will bring power to our community!
Yes, we understand that there is a long way to run as well as trust and reputation can be built only on strong values with non-stop improvements, yet with a true passion for performing, we are here to bring you something worth working with and maybe even sharing to others.
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Perfect Money Added!
Perfect Money added through Paykassa.pro! also we would like to inform you about referral commission! more
Oct-6-2022 09:12:48 AM

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