5% Referral Commission now! 
In care and appreciation for all of our dearest client and as the proof of our well developed and good funds management strategy Gibraltar Financial Group proudly announce that now, we are giving 5% for referral commission to our clients. Feel free to bring everyone and anyone be it your family, brother, sister, neighbor, colleague, anyone to join with Gibraltar Financial Group, and give them taste the happiness, joy, and prosperity with Gibraltar Financial Group.

Kind regards,
Gibraltar Financial Group team.
Feb-8-2012 07:04:43 AM

Special Bonus $20000 Cash Money 
e have a special bonus on referral programs, we provide hundreds of luxury cars New Mitsubishi Lancer or $20,000 Cash Money for those of you who are lucky without raffled.

Terms and Conditions:
1. You must be active member with minimum deposit $100
2. You must have downlines with total deposits min $100,000
3. Bonuses awarded directly without raffled and without taxes
4. Bonus valid until December 01, 2012.

Best Regards,
Philip Davies
General Manager of Everest Financial Solutions Ltd.
Feb-6-2012 12:03:36 PM

InvCode 1st Newsletter 
Our company was originally established in the United States of America, Colorado, 2008, providing investment services to a narrow circle of clientele. We have now enhanced our services online, making them available to every interested investor worldwide.

We receive a lot of emails everyday and with a big investors base we have its right to say that first of all we need a great, fast members support. If you have any questions, feel free to call us: +17202623225.
Alternatively, you can always reach our customer support using the live chat, it is located in top right corner of our website.

That is all for today, Dear InvCode clients.
All payments are processed as usual, within 12 hours. We wish you a good luck and we hope you will continue to support and get high income with our company. We continue to work, and make profits for our clients!

Join us on FaceBook:

Best wishes and have a nice time,
Christian Campbell
Support Services Manager
Feb-6-2012 10:22:04 AM

10 Years Online - 141 days online and ONLINE PRESENTATION. 
10 Years Online - 141 days online and ONLINE PRESENTATION.

Hello, dear 10 Years Online investors and promoters.

This is our fifth newsletter and I would like to announce a feature that you all have been awaiting for.

What we have for today:

10 Years Online Presentation at hyipnews:

We are winning "THE BATTLE OF HYIPS" in GSMonitor:

and as always we have the first place among all programs on allhyipmonitors:

Also we present you our best investors:

Username: Deposit:

IndiaPRIVATE Sep-20-2011 04:02:39 AM $97,000.00
Hyatt Jan-21-2012 12:09:18 PM $92,400.00
bukaka Oct-26-2011 02:12:19 AM $91,500.00
IndiaVIPclub Sep-15-2011 01:19:27 PM $80,000.00
Onlybigamount Nov-17-2011 05:35:52 PM $77,000.00
Sonya Jan-17-2012 12:30:32 PM $61,200.00
Zipapa Oct-28-2011 03:19:28 AM $59,000.00
Dogmat Dec-26-2011 07:15:07 PM $54,000.00
John_Travolta Jan-20-2012 05:38:18 PM $52,860.00
Mozart Dec-6-2011 01:37:45 PM $48,630.00

Become such as they!

You can respond to this email with your questions and doubts you may have.
Actually I will be pleased to talk with 10 Years Online investors individually if you need my assistance.
Alternatively, you can always reach our customer support using the live chat or telephone installed at our website.

Thank you for your attention and doing business with 10 Years Online.
Best Regards, Leonardo.
Feb-3-2012 10:14:46 AM

Get 10% bonus for a new deposit! - Worldwide Capital 
We offer you to get 10% one time bonus for creating a new deposit. This limited offer is valid from 30th of January till 29th of February.
Jan-30-2012 02:04:00 PM

The Caribbean Conference-2012 is moved to August-2012 - RePro Finance 
Dear valued RePro Finance clients,
Jan-25-2012 03:36:00 PM

Important Program Update 
For the number of reasons that recently have affected our program negatively and which we will state and explain in details in due course, today we are announcing that in the near future maintaining previously offered earning rates will be no longer possible. Today we are forced to exercise one of our originally reserved rights - to modify program terms of service and you may consider this announcement as a notice of such changes. Specifically, we will be changing the payout rates, which eventually will depend on the profiting activity of our new, to be established income source.
Kindly visit our website to read the announcement in full.
Jan-24-2012 02:54:52 PM

Today we reach our 60 days online! 
Today we reach our 60 days online and total members who put their trust to us reach 30 days plan, receive a lot of happiness for their return of investments 2 times in a row. We will continue improving our technical, services and working in an excel way to make sure that the returns on investments we offer remain as stable as they always were.
We value every customer we have and would like to thank you for your trust and support.
We will continue to develop in giving our dearest member a big joy, profit, and prosperity.
We are very open to any suggestion you may have, it will help us develop bigger.

Best Regards,
Money Hysteria team.
Jan-24-2012 02:54:48 PM

Your trust is our asset - EVBusiness 
Today, 22nd January 2012, we successfully complete the second month of our online business operation. We are happy to see more than 80,000 online investors have joined us all over the world from the first days of our online business. We are deeply grateful for the thousands of positive feedbacks we have received from our members and supporters along the way.
Jan-22-2012 02:11:00 PM

Dear our beloved member 
Today we reach our 50 days online.
We will continue improve and develop our services, working hard and excel to make
sure and guarantee that our beloved member investments remain as stable as they
always were.

We are really thankful to every beloved member, who put and entrust their funds
with us, we will guarantee, there will be no regret for trusting your funds with
Within this letter, we will give a very happy news for our member.
1.We have changed and updated our site to be more interactive, user friendly and
a good looking one.
We work hard to put every our member on ease when they using and accessing
2.With connection the successful and rapid development our program and to care
for our investors, we have changed our old investment plans into the new one, all
updated plan is provided to show how much our care for our investor.
3.We have add more support system to provide qualitative communication to each of
our member.
For us a very qualitative communication , not only with our member, but also
every visitor of is a key to build trust.
We have provide phone, livechat and skype support, so everyone can put
their question regarding their problem or anything to us directly.
Indeed, a good relationship between us and our beloved member is needed to bring
and maintain better, that’s what we try to achieve in this near

Best Regards.
Jan-18-2012 10:21:56 AM

Advanced Compounding option - Worldwide Capital 
We are happy to present you Advanced Compounding option. You can earn additional 0.5% daily with any investment plan from now. So the profit with Advanced Compounding enabled is 2% for Start plan, 2.5% for Advanced plan and 2.8% for Professional plan. Earn more profit with us!
Jan-18-2012 05:48:00 AM

HYIP Innovation - WHICH HYIP Monitor? 
As promised earlier, we have compiled a list of top 20 HYIP web resources that most of you are using and it is provided below. This list is actually taken directly from our web traffic analysis software for better presentation, but it is very closely resembles the list of the websites, which you submitted so far.
Please visit our website to see the full list and full news article.
Jan-16-2012 06:32:55 AM

Martin Luther King Day 2012 - RePro Finance 
Dear investors, On January 16, 2012 all USA markets will be closed due to Martin Luther King Day. Therefore no profit will be credited to RePro Finance investor accounts today.
Jan-16-2012 03:32:00 AM

Martin Luther King's Day in the USA - Worldwide Capital 
ue to Martin Luther King's Day in the USA, profit will not be accrued on Monday, 16th of January.
Jan-16-2012 03:01:00 AM

Two Months Online Celebration! 
I must say that while being able to get to this point in time was of course never a question from our perspective, but if it was not for YOUR trust and YOUR active participation in the program, we would have a lot harder times advancing. Today we are congratulating all of our participating members of whom very many are already well in profit and we are pledging our further financial commitment to continue serving our program users in the future.
Please see full news article on our website
Jan-13-2012 12:59:24 PM

AlertPay is being added to the system. 
Dear HYIP Innovation members and website visitors,

We are happy to announce that starting from Tuesday, January the 17th, HYIP Innovation will be accepting deposits via AlertPay payment system. Those of you not yet familiar with this payment processor should visit their website at
We are currently in the process of updating and testing our website supporting software for the AlertPay processing functions and we estimate that we should be able to start accepting deposits via AlertPay this coming Tuesday.

On a separate matter, we would like to notify all of our members who have not made a deposit about our upcoming database clearance. It means that we will be removing the accounts without active deposits from the system. We need to do this due to the growing number of active members and in order to reduce our server load.
Consequently and in case if you decide to not make new deposits any time soon, please take a note that when you do decide to do so, you may have to create new account with us because your old account will be likely deleted from the system.


Sean Mebokan on behalf of
HYIP Innovation and Team

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, please check out our program video presentation here:
Jan-13-2012 12:59:21 PM

10 Years Online has passed over 120 days of being online! 
Hello, 10 Years Online users.
I hope you all have enjoyed your day.
I have got some exciting news for you.
10 Years Online has passed over 120 days of being online,
and more than 50 000 members are happy to Earn with us!
There are 2 completed rounds - for users, who chose "8888% after 50 days" plan,
and joined 118 days ago.
Many happy investors make re-investments.

Please vote and post payment proofs for 10 Years Online and
participate on discussion boards to share your thoughts about the program.
Stay tuned for 10 Years Online next newsletter,
I wish each and every member of 10 Years Online, a prosperous stay with us.

Best Regards,
10 Years Online.
Jan-13-2012 12:59:15 PM

Caribbean conference program - RePro Finance 
All participants of the Caribbean conference "Investment paradise - RePro Finance regatta 2012" are invited to join the main activities listed in the conference scenario below.
Jan-6-2012 06:23:00 AM

HYIP Innovation - Video Presentation 
Dear HYIP Innovation members and website visitors,

We are happy to update everyone about our program for the first time in 2012 and wish for all of your new year resolutions to come to fruition. As it often happens people are at times wishing for more than what they can actually accomplish, but the most important thing is to never give up and keep trying. One thing is however for sure - HYIP Innovation is here to help its members financially and we are committed to do so for a long time ahead of us.

Today we also wanted to share first in the upcoming series of our program video presentations with all our current members and with those who are still considering and are in search of new prime investment programs. This video clip can be seen by following the following link:
Users may also contact us to request a link for the HD version download from our website.

Please enjoy and High Innovative Five to all of you.

Sean Mebokan on behalf of
HYIP Innovation and Team
Jan-5-2012 09:28:18 AM

EVBusiness Presentation Video - EVBusiness 
We highly recommend that you download our official presentation video for better understanding about our business and strategies. You can send our presentation video to others via e-mail as an attachment or a download link.
Jan-1-2012 01:29:00 PM

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