Oil-and-gold has passed over 67 days of being online! 
Hello, Oil-and-gold users.
I hope you all have enjoyed your day.
I have got some exciting news for you.
Oil-and-gold has passed over 67 days of being online, and more than 50 000 members are happy to Earn with us!
There are 2 completed rounds - for users, who chose "3333% after 33 days" plan, and joined 66 days ago.
Also, the 1-st round of "8888% after 55 days" plan was successfully completed some days ago
and many happy investors make re-investments.

Please vote and post payment proofs for Oil-and-Gold and participate on discussion boards to share your thoughts about the program.
Stay tuned for Oil-and-Gold next newsletter, I wish each and every member of Oil-and-Gold, a prosperous stay with us.

Review of the HYIP project OIL and GOLD:

More news:

Best Regards,
Silvestre Hatuya
Nov-29-2011 06:03:22 AM

Software update - Worldwide Capital 
Due to software update users can experience login problems. Update will be finished in 24 hours. Thank you for patience.
Nov-29-2011 02:09:00 AM

HyperCompound website is now available in Vietnamese 
We are pleased to announce that our website is now available in Vietnamese! More languages will be available soon.
Nov-27-2011 06:24:20 AM

Royalty7 grand launch! 
Today the 11/11/11 it gives us much pleasure to announce the grand launch of our investing platform

After much planning and many efforts, website is finally ready for use and open to the wide public.

Please feel free to read about the investment plans we have to offer you, and explore our site unique features.
Nov-27-2011 06:24:18 AM

Investor of the Month WINNER announced (November 2011) - RePro Finance 
Investor of the Month (November 2011) is announced. Our software randomly chosen Mr. John Stone from USA (Login ID: S20485), and he has become the winner this month. He has directly received the 1000 USD to his account, our congratulations and Investor of the Month Certificate mailed to his mailing address. Thank you for participating in our program.
Nov-26-2011 01:31:00 PM

Spanish, Italian, and Russian languages are added! - RePro Finance 
Dear Customers,
Nov-25-2011 02:10:00 AM

Thanksgiving Day in the USA - Worldwide Capital 
Because of Thanksgiving Day in the USA, profit will not be accrued on Thursday, 24th of November.
Nov-23-2011 09:09:00 PM

Thanksgiving day in Japan and in the United States - RePro Finance 
Dear investors,
Nov-23-2011 07:13:00 AM

60 days Online, Alert Pay and Solid Trust Pay news! - Invest Pro Group 
By the end of this week we have a big date for us, 60 days since Invest Pro Group has opened a website and started working for online investors.
Nov-23-2011 01:19:00 AM

Successful work in 35 days online running - Trader Assets 
We had a excellent and successful work in 35 days online running and all of dear investors was glad and satisfied about our work, support and profits. We hope with your help we could be more successful for the future and thanks our member for support us. We will do best work for our clients.
Nov-22-2011 05:23:00 PM

RePro Finance now presents on Nigerian investment market - RePro Finance 
African investors more and more learn about the earning opportunities with RePro Finance. Our representatives constantly appear in various countries of African continent and other countries of the world and quite recently we successfully gained a good footing on investment market of Nigeria.
Nov-21-2011 11:27:00 PM

Oil-and-Gold - 55 days online! 
Hello, Oil-and-Gold clients!

What we have is now?

1) Today, we are ready to pay users, who made deposits 55 days ago, to "8888% after 55 days" plan.
Today, many of clients become really RICH. What about you?
2) We have the first place among all programs on allhyipmonitors:
3) We have the first place in the rating of GSMonitor:
4) We are winning "THE BATTLE OF HYIPS" in GSMonitor:

Other news:
I hope you all have enjoyed/are enjoying your day.
Today we continue with our stable growth, day by day. Those good results were possible because of your excellent support on forums,
monitors and blogs.
I always try to do all my best, and I am sure we can achieve together much more. is 55 days anniversary today,
We congratulate you!
We have many more developments coming in our way, like a different language integrations, our own forum and many others,
and all those will be done gradually.
Together, we will re-write the history of high yield investment programs. When the other programs become a history,
we will still be here, and our members will still be earnings a lot of money from us.
All payments are processed as usual. See you really soon in our next newsletter!

More news:

Best regards,
Silvestre Hatuya,
Nov-20-2011 02:19:26 AM

Fertison capital news 
We are very pleased to inform you of the launching of our project and commencement of operations. Join us and will feel easiness, reliability, and safety of investment deposits together with Fertison Capital!
We have begun the work online with a Licensed Script, DDoS Protected and high level security of users accounts.
Nov-20-2011 02:19:21 AM

More and more people learn about RePro Finance in their cities... - RePro Finance 
RePro Finance company does a successful investment business and it is a great pleasure for us to find a great support of the regional representatives worldwide helping us to hit new highs.
Nov-16-2011 11:42:00 PM

HyperCompound website is now available in Fingilish 
We are pleased to announce that our website is now available in Fingilish (Persian/Farsi written using the Latin alphabet)! More languages will be available soon.
Nov-15-2011 05:01:21 AM

More than 30000 members in just 50 days online. 
Hello, dear Oil-and-Gold investors,

First of all, I would like to thank you for a excellent support during the first 48 days online. More than 30000 members in just 48 days online is quite great achievement and I am happy that so many people released how big is our potential. I am sure that with your faith in our project we will have a long, wonderful investment journey with a huge profits.

I am very glad to share some facts with you, Dear Oil-And-Gold Investors. Let me give you all a quick look into the stats of

Running days: 48

Total accounts: 31180

Total deposited: $1,239,589.46

Total withdraw: $532,388.71

Also, please vote for us each time after getting paid. And I'd be very glad if you could join discussion on the most popular forums.

Help us spread the words out that we are paying!

Best regards and have a nice time,

Silvestre Hatuya,
Nov-15-2011 03:50:57 AM

Veterans Day 2011 - RePro Finance 
In 2011 the US National holiday Veterans Day is celebrated on Friday, November 11 (11.11.11). Since all major markets and exchangers are closed, no profit will be credited to investors' accounts today.
Nov-11-2011 08:29:00 AM

Traders Assets Corporation needs Representatives - Trader Assets 
TraderAssets administration launched a local representatives program and invited everyone interested to become a local representative and to provide support to new investors in their native language.
Nov-11-2011 08:14:00 AM

Veterans Day in the USA - Worldwide Capital 
Because of Veterans Day in the USA, profit will not be accrued on Friday, 11th of November.
Nov-10-2011 01:08:00 PM

HyperCompound website is now available in Hindi 
We are pleased to announce that our website is now available in Hindi! More languages will be available soon.
Nov-7-2011 04:52:08 AM

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