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Our Spend: $80.00
Payout Ratio: 109%
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PayingMin Spend: $10
Max Spend: $100,000
Referral: 2%
Withdrawal: Instant
Votes 9.5 of 10 (77 votes)
2.2-5.5% daily 50 days
120-200% in 10 days

High Risk
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Last Payment: Yesterday
Added: May 21st, 2018
Monitored: 206 days
INTEX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a long term high yield private loan program, we offer the best practices of trading of Forex, Stock and CryptoCurrency through our operations while providing flexibility and reliability in our investment plans. Our investment portal is strategically designed is a careful planning & guidance of technical experts to provide you the most reliable platform for all kinds of investment related to Forex market, Stock market and crypto trading
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Created: 2018-05-12
Expires: 2019-05-12
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Very Good
bg Dec 5th, 2018 04:50 PM
Payment Received today
Very Good
de Dec 1st, 2018 10:14 AM
Very Good
ch Nov 28th, 2018 09:58 AM
Only 1 sec recived my payments $455.
Very Good
us Nov 26th, 2018 04:03 PM
payments all time received. Best of luck 2018
Very Good
ch Nov 26th, 2018 10:08 AM
Payment received instant. Best site 2018
Very Good
fr Nov 21st, 2018 04:45 PM
received $198.44 to Payeer account P664..... Batch is 681370527.
Very Good
es Nov 20th, 2018 07:24 PM
paying instantly every day
Very Good
ca Nov 12th, 2018 07:21 AM
A good site for make investment
Very Good
gb Nov 3rd, 2018 04:24 PM
very trustable site. always received Instant paid
Very Good
us Oct 24th, 2018 08:57 PM
payment received.Thanks admin
Very Good
fr Oct 21st, 2018 09:34 PM
payment received 10th times
Very Good
de Oct 20th, 2018 07:47 PM
payment received
Very Good
us Oct 20th, 2018 06:26 AM
3rd payment received instant
Very Good
fr Oct 19th, 2018 03:48 PM
payment received successfully
Very Good
lu Oct 19th, 2018 11:04 AM
Receive payment again without any worry. great
Very Good
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Oct 17th, 2018 04:46 PM
Intexfund is a long run program and pays everyday. Thanks admin
Very Good
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Oct 13th, 2018 04:03 PM
This site paying Daily as usual. Go ahed & long live
Very Good
gb Oct 9th, 2018 04:54 PM
Payment Received Instant 165th time!!
Very Good
show previous votes
Oct 6th, 2018 04:58 PM
I am happy for INTEXFUND.COM. Because now my balance just profit.
Very Good
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Sep 25th, 2018 05:19 PM
super great! i feel so much better investing here
Very Good
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Sep 22nd, 2018 06:48 PM
Paying me instant.
Very Good
show previous votes
Sep 22nd, 2018 06:29 PM
Really Good platform for investing. go ahead intexfund like this project
Very Good
show previous votes
Sep 19th, 2018 05:19 PM
good work, you are very good at making investors here happy
Very Good
ru Sep 18th, 2018 05:00 PM
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us Sep 18th, 2018 02:09 AM recovered my bitcoin from fraudulent hyip program after I had fallen victim to scammers who claim to recover your money. He made it clear that only my initial deposit could be recovered
my Sep 16th, 2018 06:30 AM They did recover my money from dishonest hyip. Please Check out my proof on their site. Thank you very much
gb Aug 25th, 2018 05:04 AM
if you've lost money to fraudulent hips and crypto investment schemes I advise you contact Phoenixmdexperts"@"Gmail,com. they recovered my bitcoin from profinvest after I wasn't paid out
Very Good
us Jul 26th, 2018 04:23 PM
Payment receive 20 times instantly.
Very Good
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Jul 6th, 2018 02:18 PM
$39 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U45****. Transaction batch is 213894652. INTEX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED

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Added new payment systems
Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin now avaliable to deposit/withdraw in Sports Traders Group. Other crypto soon... more
Nov-7-2018 06:19:42 PM

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Let's face it. Most people hate to miss a risk-free investment opportunity.
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PAYEER Payment Option Added to FXLIMITED
Inline with our vision and directive to make your deposits and withdrawals seamless and with ease in conducting payment transactions on FXLIMITED.TRADE, we have added PAYEER as another payment option to FXLIMITED.TRADE. more
May-29-2018 06:11:11 PM

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FXLIMITED.TRADE ( FXLIMITED with Registration License Number SC502599) is proud to announce the launch of our new Innovative Cloud Mining Profits Platform which coincides with our expanding role as a global leader in Bitcoin Investment Service Program in Doubling Bitcoin for our Investors. more
May-18-2018 01:45:26 PM – 444 DAYS ONLINE!
Dear Clients!
It is a great pleasure to report you that our online investment service is working 444 days. Thanks to our online investment service, we have been reached serious results in our main activity. And we aren't going to stop on such beautiful number of days.
Mar-21-2018 09:18:15 PM

Welcome to WiseSouls LTD!
New Package CGP Daily, CGP Weekly and CGP Monthly. more
May-22-2017 04:02:34 PM

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