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Added: Oct 13th, 2018
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This resource is scam

What is ROBOTEX? Robotex is an Multi-core high performance optimized Artificial Intelligence trading robot, We developing ROBOTEX since 2014 and all our products have received many awards and highest ratings in online and magazine reviews. With over 11 years of experience developing automatic trading tools we provide to our customers some of the best Artificial Intelligence(AI) trading bot available on the market. ROBOTEX can help you recover your lost money with crypto currency trading using advanced market analysis bot, ROBOTEX learn the best trading strategy, monitoring and managing your investments continously 24/7 even while you sleep. ROBOTEX tries tens of thousands of strategies on altcoins history in order to detect and predict better the trend reversals which would take you hundreds of years to do in live trading. ROBOTEX can detect millions of trading patterns in order to find the best strategy with more wins and less loses. ROBOTEX can outperform even advanced traders with years of experience. ROBOTEX uses 100% legal strategies and is a non-manipulative robot which can pass any regulation. You can make an investment with ROBOTEX and let the robot make profits for you at the right time.

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pr Oct 19th, 2018 11:34 PM
Pending withdrawal !!! I will update if i get paid !!!

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Exprobit Payment is Instant
Our all payment system is instant. If user request for withdrawal there profit then the profit added user account instantly. You can make as many requests as you want more
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It is a great pleasure to report you that we crossed 444 days of our online presence.
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Added new payment systems
Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin now avaliable to deposit/withdraw in Sports Traders Group. Other crypto soon... more
Nov-7-2018 06:19:42 PM

Welcome to Bitrefix
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PAYEER Payment Option Added to FXLIMITED
Inline with our vision and directive to make your deposits and withdrawals seamless and with ease in conducting payment transactions on FXLIMITED.TRADE, we have added PAYEER as another payment option to FXLIMITED.TRADE. more
May-29-2018 06:11:11 PM

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